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About Us

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Wealthbiz is not a company and there is no owner & boss. Wealthbiz does not provide any finacial help. This is only a free self adjusting community. It is very important for the participants of the helping team to know that this is only A social network. Finacial pyramid and whoever participant in it would do so solely for ideological reasons by helping each other. We can make a new society brighter and cleaner one, start helping today and help when you needed.


Sole mandate and mission is to help support and assist People in the World, many of whom live under the low income cut-off. In addition, Wealthbiz supports the work of certain not for profit agencies and community centers across all over the world that assist people in need. We understand that not all People are capable enough to be in a financial position to choose the perfect lifestyle, yet we believe that every person in the autumn of their life deserves to receive the support of others people when they need help at that time.